Why should we eat poultry?

One of the reasons dieticians recommend eating poultry is its high nutritive value. Chicken meat supplies large quantities of fully valuable protein, vitamins – especially B group vitamins (niacins, riboflavins, pyridoxines), particularly important for your nervous system and mineral components, such as zinc, iron and potassium. The low fat content, including – most importantly – the low content of saturated fatty acids, is an important characteristic of poultry. The fatty acids that dominate in chicken are unsaturated fatty acids of the EFAs [Essential Fatty Acids] group having a beneficial effect on the cardio-vascular system functioning.
Chicken meat is recommended in the diet of small children and growing youths as well as adults and elderly people. Thanks to the delicate, tiny fibers, the meat is composed of, and the low fat content, it is also used in the diet of pregnant and breast feeding women, therapeutic diets, e.g. in the ulcer disease and in various alimentary tract function disorders. Poultry, rich with fully valuable protein, is also a precious diet component for the physically active people and professional athletes.

Did you know...?


Soft meat

If you want your meat to soften in cooking and not to lose its taste at the same time, after skimming add a teaspoon of vodka to the saucepan.


How to make your bouillon clear?

Beat a chilled egg white until stiff and add to the bouillon. When the bouillon starts to boil remove the egg white with a skimmer.


What do we use to eat poultry?

We can eat poultry, (particularly thighs or wings) with your fingers, but in the company of your closest friends only. On some official and more festive occasions it is not very well mannered to eat a chicken thigh with your fingers. We must use fork and knife, whatever the inconvenience.


What do we carve the chicken with?

The first principle of poultry ‘savoir-vivre: never serve chicken in separate portions on your guests’ plates. Always serve it in whole. The host should carve the chicken into smaller portions directly on the table. This task requires a big experience. Everything is to be done in your guests’ presence, after all.

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This is a dominating species of birds on our planet! Almost 9 hens fall per one human being on the Earth. At present 75 per cent hens are produced for slaughter, however, in the old days, for almost 3000 years, hens used to serve people as egg producers.