Drosed fillet with QAFP Certificate

QAFP Certification - November 2012

QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) is a system of guaranteed food quality developed in 2009 at the initiative of the Union of Meat Industry Manufacturers and Employers, an organization grouping meat sector companies. DROSED S.A. received QAFP certificate in the scope of „Delicatessen chicken and turkey breast meat and whole and cuttings of young Polish oats fed goose” ins the scope of production, slaughter, cutting. It confirms that our company meets the technical and organizational requirements of the system, verified by independent notified certification body. The QAFP mark is a guarantee of taste and nutritive values of the products, high-class meat content and origin from a reliable and identifiable source. The characteristics are held without limitation by fresh class A chicken breast fillet from the Smakowity Kurczak [Tasty Chicken] range, available within DROSED offer.